Thursday, June 4, 2015

Secure Vertical Data Racks

Secure Vertical Data Rack #MRQ351S10 MiniRaQ

These Secure Vertical Data Rack - Part # MRQ351S10 is a must have for any IT professional. These vertical data racks mount to a wall and store your equipment in a vertical configuration, saving you much more space than a traditional rack. The "Secure" style features a 4.5" deep backplate, side panels, vented bottom panel, front panel, and a locking lid. (It's the same as a convertible rack model with a secure upgrade kit.)

Secure vertical data racks are designed to fully enclose your equipment and protect it from tampering, theft, and vandalism. Vents in the bottom plate and the lid allow heat to escape from the inside.

Each rack is capable of holding 400 lbs of equipment. Secure racks come in "compact" and "tall" models. Compact racks can hold equipment up to 22" deep, and tall racks hold equipment up to 29" deep. On each model, 2U of vertical equipment space is inside the backplate and the rest is on the side panels. The internal 2U rails line up perfectly with the side panels, enabling installation of equipment that starts on the 2U internal rails and extends on to the side panels.

The upper section of the backplate features a 4U space dedicated for installation of up to 96 ports of patch panel hardware. Three pairs of removal access plates on the top, bottom, and lower sides of the backplate can be used for routing of large data cable bundles or routing of power cables. An integrated level and grounding lug assures that a single technician can quickly and accurately install the rack and properly ground all installed equipment.

This rack is modular and ships via UPS, eliminating the need for a costly liftgate or forklift at the delivery site.

  • Secure, enclosed configuration with back, side panels, bottom, and locking lid (key included)
  • Rack unit space for vertically mounted equipment: 6U, 8U, 10U, or 12U
  • Dedicated patch panel space at top of backplate: 4U
  • Backplate depth: 4.5"
  • Width: 19.6"
  • Height: 31.0" (compact) or 38.1" (tall)
  • Depth: 12.7" (6U), 16.2" (8U), 19.7" (10U), 23.2" (12U)
  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated earth grounding stud.
  • Integrated bridge lances for easy and efficient cable management.
  • Revolutionary space saving design! Equipment is installed vertically to allow placement in small, previously unusable spaces
  • Fully secure enclosure, tamper-proof with locking top cover - high-security tubular 7-tumbler lock
  • Dedicated patch panel space for up to 96 ports at top of backplate
  • Ventilated locking cover and bottom panels
  • Large cable access holes on top, bottom & sides of backplate.
  • Reinforced custom double cam and machined steel tamper-resistant lock collars
  • Designed to hold up to 400 lbs. of equipment without additional bracing.
  • Rapidly mounts to wall studs, backboard or concrete block.
  • Installation is easily performed by a single technician.
  • Constructed from heavy duty 14AWG steel.

Secure Vertical Data Rack Quick Reference Guide:

Data Rack Quick Reference Guide PDF

DOWNLOAD >> Data Rack Quick Reference Guide PDF

Secure Vertical Data Rack Installation Guide:

Data Rack Installation Guide PDF

DOWNLOAD >> Data Rack Installation Guide PDF

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