Friday, June 12, 2015

Technician's Pro Tool Kit from Greenlee PA4941 - Available @

Technician's Pro Tool Kit from Greenlee PA4941

The Greenlee GripPack Pro Technician's Tool Kit has the essentials for cabling almost any job. A lot of jobs can have you climbing around in ceilings, under floorboards, under desks, and pretty much just about anywhere else; that’s why Greenlee made this tool pouch on a swivel clip and the holster is made out of a form fitted PVC material to ensure that every tool stays in place, even if you’re upside down.

  • Easy-on, easy off with a quick-release belt clip
  • Belt clip swivels so the holster moves with you and the tools stay out of your way
  • Form fitted PVC material ensures that tools don't fall out - even if you drop your kit or they are upside down
  • Molded specifically to hold the tools included in this kit

Included tools:

  • GripPack tool holder
  • Data SureStrip UTP/STP and flat satin cutter/stripper
  • Datacomm scissors
  • Reversible 110/66 blade
  • SurePunch Pro PDT punchdown tool handle
  • SurePunch Pro detachable LED light & batteries
  • MagLite with 2 AA batteries
  • Black Sharpie pen

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