Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jameson 2nd Man Cable Pulleys

Jameson 2nd Man Cable Pulleys

The Jameson 2nd Man Cable Pulley #3241-6 is designed are accommodate eight 4-pair Category 5 cables or any other like-sized cable. With strategic placement, the 2nd Man™ can increase efficiency and safety during installation. It also helps preserve the cable's integrity during and after installation by maintaining proper bend radius and pulling force.

This product comes in packs of 2 or 6 pulleys.

Cable Installation

  • Hang a pulley above a drop ceiling to receive cable from supply side of pull.
  • Hang one at each horizontal turn, elevation change, and up-and-down location.
  • Use it to line up cable being pulled into a conduit. Cable travels in a straight line between pulleys.
  • Make a horizontal 90-degree turn (or any turn), eliminating the need to bring cable down through the ceiling, place it on the floor and then feed it back up through the ceiling to make the turn.

Cable Hanger

  • Saves time by already being in place.
  • Non-plenum for use in the appropriate air-handling space.
  • Cost competitive with other cable hanger devices and a greater value because it is an installation tool that doubles as a hanger device.

Protects Cable

  • Protects cable by maintaining proper bend radius for 4-pair ethernet cable and fiber-optic cable.
  • Helps ensure recommended pulling force is not exceeded.
  • The 2nd Man™ pulley eliminates the safety hazard of cable strung out on the floor and potential cable damage.
  • Friction on the cable is virtually eliminated because cable does not slide across the wheel of the pulley - wheel turns with the cable. The 2nd Man™ pulley eliminates corner drag.

Cable Pulling Videos

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