Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Computer Crossover Cables Available At CableSupply.com

Computer Crossover Cables

Computer Crossover Cables are injection molded and booted to help protect the mod plug from damage and to help keep it from falling out of its port. Each crossover cable is fully tested and compliant with TIA/EIA computer standards. Use these crossover cords to connect two devices of the same type, such as two switches or routers.

A standard patch cord has the same wiring pattern on both sides of the cable; either 568A or 568B, this type of cable is used to connect a switch to a patch panel or a computer to a data jack. However if you needed to connect a PC to a PC or a router to a router you would have to use a crossover cable. The crossover cable has the 568A pattern on one end of the cable and the 568B pattern on the other end. The reason this is necessary is because two devices that do the same thing will send and receive information on the same exact pairs. If router A is sending information on pairs 4 and 5 and so is router B then the information will never be received by either end; it would be like traffic trying to go both ways on a one way street. To solve this problem the wires are rearranged so that the information can be sent and received simultaneously by both devices.

  • Category 5E: 350MHz, RJ45 (8 conductor)
  • Category 6: 550MHz, RJ45 (8 conductor)

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