Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Digital LAN Tracing Kit

Digital LAN Tracing Kit by Greenlee #802K

This kit includes a filter probe, a toner, and a soft carrying case with velcro closure.

  • By selectively filtering out 60Hz and its harmonics, the probe can be used with any tone generator for faster, more accurate cable and wire identification
  • Slim, comfortable design for use in limited-space areas
  • Recessed on/off push-button control to conserve battery life
  • Adjustable sensitivity/volume control to increase accuracy
  • Blended carbon/plastic tip to reduce the risk of shorting terminals

  • The LAN Toner is designed for the network installation and maintenance professional and can be used on any wiring system including datacom, telecom, security/alarm, audio and CATV
  • Blinks HUB, Switch Port, and PC activity lights for fast identification
  • Locate, detect, trace, and troubleshoot 10/100 Base-T LAN hubs and switches
  • Check for phone voltage and short circuits
  • Provides tone signaling, continuity testing and telephone line polarity indication combined with a modular breakout adapter
  • Selectable tone outputs for identifying multiple cable runs
  • Includes multiple connection options
  • Combined with a RJ45 adapter

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