Friday, June 12, 2015

Tool Holster from Greenlee PA4940 - Available @

Tool Holster from Greenlee PA4940

Greenlee GripPack Tool Holster from cable supply can potentially fit other items. Impact punchdown tools and cabling scissors tend to be very similar in size and shape. We tested putting a different punchdown tools and other lineman scissors in it, and they both fit in the holster just as well as the Greenlee punchdown tool and scissors. We turned the holster upside down with the off-brand tools in it, and they did not fall out.

  • Although it is possible that this holster will fit other items, we cannot promise that it'll work, and we can't guarantee that these other items will stay without falling out.

  • Easy-on, easy off with sturdy, metal quick-release belt clip
  • Belt clip swivels so the holster moves with you and the tools stay out of your way
  • Form-fitted PVC material ensures that tools don't fall out - even if you drop your kit or they are upside down

Molded specifically to hold the following items:

  • Greenlee / Paladin Tools Data SureStrip UTP/STP & flat satin phone cutter/stripper
  • Greenlee / Paladin Tools Datacomm scissors with serrated blades & ergonomic handles
  • Greenlee / Paladin Tools punchdown tool: either the ergonomic SurePunch Pro or the original SurePunch PDT
  • Greenlee / Paladin Tools SurePunch Pro detachable LED
  • Sharpie marker
  • Mini-MagLite

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