Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shielded Cable and Accessories

Shielded Cable and Accessories

Shielded cable is becoming more and more common and necessary in many cabling situations. Shielded cable is able to protect the twisted pairs within its jacket to avoid alien crosstalk and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) by two different means. The first thing that shielding does is it deflects much alien crosstalk with a foil jacket or with a braided jacket usually made of copper, tin, or aluminum or of a combination of these metals. This metal shield, like a foil hat to keep the government out of your thoughts, deflects electronic interference that can impede or destroy a signal on a cable. The second way that the metal shielding helps is it can absorb the potential electronic interferences; however, for this to be effectual the shield must be grounded properly otherwise the shield will only be able to deflect which is half of its job.

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