Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jameson Good Buddy II Conduit Fish Tape Rodder

Jameson Good Buddy II Conduit Fish Tape Rodder

The Good Buddy II by Jameson was designed as a cross between the Good Buddy and Big Buddy. This fiberglass fish tape is best used for longer runs in 2” to 4” conduit and ideal for manhole-to-riser, riser-to-riser, cable vaults, and large conduit runs. The reel is 39” in diameter making it the biggest in the Jameson Good Buddy line but still small enough to fit in a truck bed or minivan. The Good Buddy II features oversized heavy duty wheels to handle the extra weight from 600 feet of length exclusive to this model. The handle built into the frame makes for easy transport. Despite its extra weight and length it still operates vertically or horizontally.

  • Length: 400 feet, 500 feet, and 600 feet
  • Diameter: 3/8" OD rod and .250 inch core
  • Reel dimensions: 40" x 32" x 30"
  • 7" Bending Radius
  • Marked in 5-foot increments
  • 1,000 Pound Pull/Tension Strength
  • Includes End Ferrule, Pulling Eye, and Accessory Kit Including: End Ferrule, Splice Ferrule, Adhesive and Emery Cloth, and Canvas Pouch

Note: This product ships by UPS and requires 3-5 days of lead time before shipment.


Jameson, Part # 11A-25-400M, 11A-25-500M, 11A-25-600M PDF

DOWNLOAD >> Good Buddy 2 PDF Manual

Jameson Conduit Rodder

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