Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jameson Mini Duct Hunter Available at

Jameson Mini Duct Hunter

The Mini Duct Hunter Traceable Rodder fish tape by Jameson features a copper trace wire in the rod for tracing or mapping inside smaller conduit or pipes. The flexible rod makes it ideal for plumbing applications and because of its thinner diameter it is able to have a bend radius of 2.5 inches. The Jameson Mini Duct Hunter includes an accessory kit including a flexible leader to easily maneuver tight corners, an end ferrule, splice ferrule, pulling eye, and adhesive and emery cloth. With a smooth fiberglass exterior the rod can easily slide past crowded conduit or pipe and will never rust.

Available in Lengths of 100ft, 150ft, 200ft, 250ft, and 300ft.

Locates sewer laterals or any other type of pipe. The Mini Duct Hunter™ traces inside smaller conduit (1/2” to 4”) for locating fiber optic cable or for plumbing applications.

Mini Duct Hunter Specs:

◾3/16" rod diameter in 100'-300' lengths

◾Locate fiber optic cables in PVC pipe without tracer wire

◾Works in 1/2"-4" diameter pipe; longer lengths effective in smaller diameter pipes or conduit

◾Handle and lightweight frame for easy transport

◾End ferrule has standard thread of 1/4-20

◾2.5" bend radius

◾Dimensions: 22" X 17" X 7"

Notes: This product ships by UPS and requires 3-5 days of lead time before shipment.


Jameson, Part # 15-316-100 , 15-316-150, 15-316-200, 15-316-250, 15-316-300 PDF

DOWNLOAD >> Mini Duct Hunter PDF Manual

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