Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cat5E, Cat6 Non-Booted Patch Cords - Multiple colors and sizes - Available @

Cat5E, Cat6 Non-Booted Patch Cords - Multiple colors and sizes

>> Buy Cat5E Non-Booted Patch Cords at

Cat5E Nonbooted patch cords are the perfect inexpensive alternative to booted patch cords for very temporary applications or in situations when a cable will not be in a heavily trafficked area. The boot on a patch cord is simply a rubber coating that protects the delicate parts of the ends of the patch cord, also known as the mod plug. A patch cable that is being plugged in and unplugged regularly should be booted to protect against wear of the cable and of the mod plug, it also prevents the cable from being removed or pulled out of the mod plug itself. If an RJ45 plug is being relocated constantly or in an area where it will be bumped into or pulled on, having a boot is recommended; however, if a patch cord is being plugged into a location and will never or very rarely be removed or moved then having a nonbooted patch cord is an efficient and cost effective alternative.

The boot in no way adds or subtracts to the quality or performance of the data transfer that the patch cable can achieve. Because there are fewer materials on a nonbooted patch cord is able to pass on those savings to our customers.

The Different Types of Patch Cords

In this video we explain different types of patch cords, such as Booted Patch Cords, Non-Booted Patch Cords, and Flex Patch Cords.

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