Friday, May 15, 2015

Cable Strain Relief Boots Available

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Cable Strain Relief Boots

Cable Strain Relief Boots Available come in RJ45, Cat5E, Cat6, to help to protect your custom made patch cords from falling out of their ports or being pulled out of their mod plugs. Boots help relieve the pressure that a mod plug can be exposed to by the cable hanging or being pulled. Extend the life of your Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6a, or Cat7 mod plug terminations with Strain Relief Boots. To use the boot just slide the boot onto the cable before you make the mod plug termination. After the mod plug has been crimped onto the cable, slide the boot up the cable until the bubble part covers the clip on the mod plug; this will help make sure the clip doesn’t snap or accidentally get pressed causing the mod plug to come out of its port and disconnecting the network connection. RJ45 Cable Strain Relief Boots come in a large variety of colors and are available at bulk discounted prices.

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