Monday, May 18, 2015

Keystone Panel Face, Unpopulated, Black

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Keystone Panel Face, Unpopulated, Black

Keystone Panel Face, Unpopulated, Black for attachment to a 19” wide data rack or hinged wall bracket. Easily snap any standard jack into the unpopulated port including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Coax, or Cat3 keystone jacks. (Jacks are sold separately.) Using different colored jacks that correspond with different locations can help in the ease of identifying different cable locations. Jacks can be moved or replaced simply by snapping them in or out of a port. This is a great option for a patch panel if locations of cable are changing often.

  • 19" wide
  • Vertical hole size: .580 x .780
  • 12 port and 16 port plates are 1U high (1.75")
  • 24 port and 32 port plates are 2U high (3.5")
  • 48 port plate is 3U high (5.25")

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Don't forget your Patch Cords

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