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Neat-Patch Cable Management Kit NP2K624 Available at

Neat-Patch Cable Management Kit NP2K624

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In the time it takes to fill a trash can with the packaging of 24 single-bagged cables and remove the twist ties, you could be finished patching with the NP2K624. Simply mount the NP2 cable manager, rip open Fluke Certified SP24 Smart Pack, and start patching! Easily store the single coil circuits inside the rack.

The way Neat-Patch system works is it gets positioned between two patch panels, one patch panel above the Neat Patch and another below. Normally when patching two panels together with patch cords the cables simply hang causing a weight stress to the panel, the RJ45 mod plug, and even the patch cord itself. Over time this kind of stress can cause any of these parts to fail causing problems with your network resulting in having to spend time and money troubleshooting and replacing the failed equipment. The Neat Patch system, being positioned in between the panels, routes the excess cable into a 6 inch deep ventilated storage relieving all equipment of the weight of the patch panels as well as organizing the cables which makes changes to the cables easy and organized.

Neat-Patch is made of a lightweight, sturdy, scratch resistant plastic that easily mounts with four screws onto a nineteen inch data rack. The unit also features four access holes, one on each side and two on the back, to feed your Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, fiber optic, or coax cable into the unit before the cables get punched down or patched in to a patch panel.

Kit Contains:

Deep Pocket Cable Manager

24 Fluke Certified CAT6 Cables (2 Feet)

Mounting Hardware


19" W x 3.5" H x 8.875" D

Extends from front rail 3-1/8"

Neat-Patch NP2 Cable Management Spec Sheet:

Neat-Patch NP2 Cable Management Specification PDF

DOWNLOAD >> Neat-Patch NP2 Spec Sheet PDF

Don't forget your Patch Cords

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