Monday, May 18, 2015

Platinum Tools JackAX 110 Punchdown Tool

Platinum Tools JackAX 110 Punchdown Tool

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The Platinum Tools JackAX 110 Punchdown Tool is a new and better way to terminate keystone jacks. The patented JackAX by Platinum Tools seats the wire into the sweet spot of the IDC every time for the ultimate performance as well as certification. If you are short on cable length or if the jack is in a hard to reach place because it only requires one hand this tools makes punching down that RJ45 jack easier. Great for punching down Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 cable onto RJ45 keystone Ethernet jacks.

  • Innovative design ensures 110 jacks are properly terminated eliminating common NEXT and FEXT failures
  • Uses standard 110 blades - no expensive die set heads to purchase, zero dollars tied up in inventory
  • More comfortable to use than the traditional punchdown tool and puck
  • Zero impact termination prevents block damage or stress
  • Increases performance, accuracy, and productivity on the job site, translating to more profitability
  • Engineered for ease of use, including applications inside walls and junction boxes
  • Quickly adjusts for 90° and 180° terminations, including single row pairing jacks
  • Blade securely held in place with simple screw
  • Rubber-molded handles for sure grip


  • Terminate all standard brands of jacks
  • Terminate 90° and 180° jacks
  • Terminate single row pairing

110 EZ-Data Blade®

  • Replaceable cutting knives, precision ground from medical grade stainless steel
  • Lower cost, replace just the cutting knives, not the complete blade
  • Beveled cutting edge
  • Faster, cleaner termination
  • Less stress on sensitive circuitry

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