Friday, May 15, 2015

Datacom Scissors available @

Datacom Scissors from Greenlee

The Greenlee Datacom Scissors are designed specifically for cutting telephone, data, and networking cable. The handle is formed to fit inside your palm for stronger cuts with less wrist strain. The top blade is serrated to cut and the bottom blade is duller for stripping; there are also two notches on top of the blade for stripping cable. So strong it can cut a Penny!

Item Details:

  • Cuts cable and telephone wire, strips insulation
  • Tough, tempered steel knife blade holds its edge longer
  • Full-sized knife handle provides greater comfort
  • Knife has a short, coping-type blade made of the finest cutlery steel
  • Scissors have an upper blade with two stripping notches to strip most insulations from 19-24 AWG

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