Monday, May 18, 2015

SurePunch Pro Punchdown Tool & Light Available At

SurePunch Pro Punchdown Tool and Light from Greenlee PA3587

SurePunch Pro Punchdown Tool & Light by Greenlee is an impact punchdown tool that can use either 110 blades or 66 blades. With amazing features like the high and low impact settings, blade storage, and a LED clip light. The handle of this punchdown tool has a built in wire probe to easily remove wires from a 66 block or patch panel that may have been punched down by mistake. The handle is ergonomically designed with rubber grips and also features a blade storage area in the back of the handle. The handle is two toned so you can always tell which side of the bit is the cut side. The LED light is a bright white and operates with replaceable alkaline button cell batteries; the light is easily clipped on.


  • Terminate cable in single punch - including 23 AWG Cat6
  • Detachable LED light allows you to illuminate the panel work area in dark rooms
  • Finger grips and non-slip rubber-embedded cushioned handle for comfort
  • Retractable multi-use spudger that can be used as a screwdriver or an IDC contact insertion tool
  • Hook to feed wires through holes
  • Pick to separate bonded twisted-pair cables or to strip insulation and cut wire
  • Adjustable HI/LO spring compression for all cable types. LO = 27.5 lbs (122 N); HI = 37.5 lbs (167 N)
  • Uses twist-and-lock style blades
  • Blade storage area in end of handle with comfortable latch cover

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