Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Loop - Product #103055

Large Loop for Cable Management above the ceiling from Arlington Industries is a brilliant solution to hanging new and dressing preexisting cable. The Loop can be attached to a metal beam with a clamp or drilled into a wall with a screw. The Loop is made of plenum rated plastic material and the Large reusable plastic Loop can hold up to 300 CAT5E cables. It's safer for the cable because it won't pinch cables or slice into the cable jacket. Arlington TL20 Hanger for communications cable supports CAT5, CAT6, CAT5E cable and fiber optic cable.

Additional Information

Holds 2" to 5" diameter bundle of CAT 5 or fiber optic cable - without damaging the cable

Available with or without UV rating

Versatile mounting - rotates to any angle

TL25 holds the same amount of cable as a J-hook, at half the cost

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Video: Large Loop for Ceiling Cable Management

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