Friday, May 15, 2015

Computer Patch Panel 12-Port Wall-Mount

This 12-Port Wall-Mount Computer Patch Panel is designed to mount almost anywhere. This vertically-oriented 12-port patch panel is available in Cat5e and Cat6. It comes with its own bracket and can be mounted to a wall, wooden back board, drywall, or anything you can drive a screw into. The best way to terminate Cat5e or Cat6 Computer cables to it is by mounting the bracket first and then attaching the patch panel to the bracket backwards with the punch down area facing you and the ports facing the wall. This way once all the cables are punched down you can secure them with the provided zip-ties and then simply flip the patch panel to face forward. These patch panels are screen printed with numbers for each port and can be stacked vertically or horizontally as you add cables and lines to allow for expansion in the future. Installation requires a 110 punch tool and Phillips screwdriver.

Dimensions when attached to mounting bracket are 10" x 2.3" x 1.75"

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