Thursday, December 8, 2016

RJ45 Keystone Computer Jack - Available in Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A

RJ45 Keystone Computer Jack - Available in Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A - Variety of colors to choose

RJ45 Keystones are 8P8C (8 position 8 connection) jacks that can snap into a face-plate so that an RJ45 mod plug can be plugged into them. This Inline Coupler w/ Keystone Latch is punched down using a 110 blade on a punch down tool in either the A pattern or the B pattern. Either A or B pattern can be used as long as the pattern on one end of the cable matches the pattern on the opposite end of the cable, though the B pattern is most popular in commercial use. carries RJ45 keystone jacks that come in Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat6a. It is important to use the appropriate jack with the correlating cable; if a Cat5e jack were used on a Cat6 cable the connection would still work, however, the capabilities would be that of the lowest capabilities of the hardware.  For example: a Cat5e Ethernet cable on a Cat6 jack would bring it to the capabilities of a Cat5e jack.
When stripping a cable to be punched down on a RJ45 jack, be sure to pull on the string within the cable to expose new cable that has not been potentially nicked by the data scissors or cable stripper. Next you will untwist the pairs and match up the wires to the color code printed on the side of the RJ45 keystone jack, either color code A or color code B. Don’t untwist the pairs too much because the twist in the pairs helps protect against alien cross-talk. Make sure that the color code on both ends of the cable match or there will not be a proper connection.  There is a plastic cover that protects the exposed cables from dust and from being pulled out that can snap on top of the punched down cables. The RJ45 keystone jack can snap into a face-plate that can then be screwed into a P-ring, or plaster ring, on a wall. Keystone jacks also fit perfectly into surface mount boxes as well as UN-populated patch panels. Our RJ45 Keystone Computer Jacks have been tested to withstand breaking under pressure of punch-down tools. Provides a full range of solutions for voice, home networking, home office, audio, video and more.
 Type: Snap-in Keystone Jack (8P8C)
  • For use with Category 5E, Category 6, or Category 6A
  • RJ45 feed-thru coupler for voice / data applications
  • Termination: 110 Style 90 Degree punch down for 22-26 AWG solid wire
  • Backward compatible with lower rated category components
  • For use with any Blank Wall Plate or Patch Panel
  • Works with all Cat5E and Cat6 patch cords
  • T568A & T568B wiring compatible
  • UL listed is your trusted source for cabling tools and parts
As part of Nova Voice and Data Systems, we’ve been installing cable in commercial buildings across the United States for over 25 years. Experience has taught us that there is no substitute for quality, commercial grade, cable and jacks that meet or exceed your job requirements.
Install with confidence by using the same parts our experienced technicians have been using for over two decades and never settle for cheap parts that will fail and cost you time and money to go back and fix.

Video: RJ45 Keystone Computer Jack - Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A

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