Monday, December 19, 2016

Computer Cable By The Foot available @

Computer Cable By The Foot Cat5E and Cat6 Available in PVC and Plenum

CAT5E and CAT6 Computer Cable by the foot is available in Plenum and PVC. Cat5E Cable Standards provide a performance rate up to 350 MHZ and is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet, telephony and video signals. Cat6 Cable Standards provides a performance up to 550 MHZ and is great for Gigabit Ethernet and other networks. Browse our selection of CAT5E and CAT6 Network cable. Computer Cable by the foot is great for long runs. Computer Cable by the foot saves time and money. wants you to have the exact length of cable you need so you can use more and waste less. Check out this Custom Length Bulk Ethernet Cable from and never go over in length again. This Cat5e solid custom length Ethernet cable or Cat6 solid Ethernet cable is available in PVC Jacket and Plenum. We carry solid custom length Ethernet cable applicable for voice, data, or video transmission and is 4-pair unshielded twisted pair marked on the jacket with sequential foot markers. Our Bulk Ethernet cable is verified compliant with EIA/TIA standards by UL and ETL.

To order cable by the foot on this website please enter how many feet you want to purchase in the Quantity Field. ie 1 = 1ft. The listed price is per foot. Then choose either Cat5E or Cat6 in the Category Field and whether you’d like PVC and Plenum.

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