Monday, December 19, 2016

Colorful Patch Cords available at

Cat5E and Cat6 Ferrari Path Cords are the latest and greatest in Patch Cord convenience with a new and exciting take on Snag-less Patch Cords. If you haven't tried Ferrari Cords, you need to give them a shot. Cat.6 and Cat.5 Ferrari Patch Cords have become popular because of their ease of use. Have you ever struggled in trying to remove a Patch Cord from a Switch, Router, Hub, Patch Panel, or network computer? We have found Ferrari Patch Cords to be much easier to install in comparison to Bubble Style Ethernet Cables. For some installers it is a preference as both types of cable have their strengths and weaknesses, but Ferrari Patch Cords have been shown to save time and frustration to cabling jobs. The cost and frustration that occurs when you are trying to be on time and on budget with an Ethernet Cable Installation can be solved using Ferrari Ethernet Patch Cords.

The core difference between Ferrari Patch Cords and Bubble Style Patch Cords is the boot being used. The boot for the Cat5e and Cat.6 Ferrari Patch Cables does not completely cover the clip on the sides of the clip. This makes it almost as easy to get the cable out of your networking hardware as a non-booted Ethernet cable. You still have the strain relief on the cable and the mod plug is injection molded, which is critical, but the horizontal side of the clip are exposed allowing easier pinching of the cable.

You aren't going to find this quality of cable available at these prices because sells cable not only to individuals but also professionals and cabling companies at wholesale. Feel free to give us a call about any bulk pricing discounts. We work with both Do It Yourself Weekend Warriors and Professional Cable Contractors offering great deals whether you need to buy just one or one thousand.

What type of cabling solution are you currently using for your cabling jobs? Are you using Bubble Style Patch Cords for your Cat.5 and Cat.6E installations? One big benefit to using Ferrari Cat.6 Patch Cords or Cat.5E Ferrari Cables is actually in moving or replacing cables. I'm sure that many of you have dealt with Ethernet Cables that are hard to get out of a piece of network equipment because the cable is hard to get at or may have been in place for many years and isn't budging. Installers have gone as far using a screwdriver to remove network cabling or even snapping the tab because the boot is too hard to pinch by hand. This is not a recommended way of dealing with Network Cabling. This is where the Ferrari Patch Cords are advantageous.

The Ferrari Patch Cords are available in both Cat.5e and Cat 6. They are also available in varying lengths and colors. The lengths that we currently have in stock for Ferrari Cables are 1 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot, 5 foot, 7 foot, 10 foot, 15 foot, 25 foot, 50 foot, and 100 foot. The Ferrari Cat.6 and Cat5E colors that we have available are Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow. We have these colors and sizes available for both Cat5e and Cat6 Patch Cables. Please let us know if you have any questions about ordering these cables.

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