Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cat6A Computer Network Cable 1000ft CMR/PVC 10G

Cat6A Computer Network Cable 1000ft CMR/PVC 10G Bulk Ethernet Cable

Cat6A Computer Network/Ethernet Cable 1000ft CMR/PVC 10G Bulk Cable. 1000 feet of Cat6A cable on a wooden spool. Cat6A solutions supports 10G applications such as 10GBase-T, over 100 meter channels. Cat6A provides excellent performance when used together with other Cat6A products such as plugs, jacks, cords. Available in Blue, White, and Black Cat6A Computer Cable 1000ft PVC 10G from

Item Detail:

1000ft of Category 6A solid bulk cable with a PVC jacket. This is computer cable capable of 10-Gigabit speed and can be used for voice, data, or video transmission. 4-pair unshielded twisted pair. The PVC jacket has sequential foot markers. 1000 feet of cable on a wooden spool High-performance data communications cable Designed for indoor installations, (CMR) riser Excellent attenuation and crosstalk characteristics Standards: EIA, TIA, UL, CSA, ISO, IEC, CMR, UTP .

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