Tuesday, August 30, 2016

6 Foot Fishing Rod available at cablesupply.com

6 Ft Fishing Rod, 5/32in Diameter, 6’ x 5/32” Rod w/ Permanently Mounted Bullet Nose

 Fiberglass Glow Rods from Jameson are perfect for fishing walls without conduit or running cable overhead in drop ceilings and crawl spaces. Their high strength and flexibility handle turns easily without breaking. Jameson 7SS-6 smallest Diameter Offers
Extreme Flexibility With High Strength.

Item Detail:

  • 5/32" diameter rod, for making tight turns and extreme flexibility while maintaining high strength
  • Ideal for security and alarm, home theater, CATV and satellite installation
  • Minimum bend radius: 3.5 inches
  • Tensile/pull strength: 500 pounds
  • Includes: one 6ft x 5/32in rod with mounted bullet nose with eyelet on each end
  • Manufactured by Jameson

>> Purchase @ cablesupply.com

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