Friday, October 16, 2015

Slant-Top Storage Chest, 34 Cubic Feet

Slant-Top Storage Chest, 34 Cubic Feet

Product Features

> Large capacity storage with traditional slant-top design

> Recessed and concealed lock protectors provide security against drilling and cutting locks

> Channel reinforcements on lid; lock side panels into lid for added security when closed

> Hinged lower shelf enables storage of larger items

> Hemmed (reinforced) high-strength shelves

> Continuous, non-removable hinge pins help prevent theft

> Strategically located, easily accessible, durable gas-shocks provide for ease in opening lid

> New angled 3-1/2" high support skids feature threaded holes for easy caster installation

> Angled handle recess prevents pinch points

> Features two reinforced steel shelves with large lip to prevent items from rolling off

> Double-hinged cover folds up and out of the way

> Patented, ergonomically designed fold-down recessed handles

> Recommend #1 and #5 Masterlock padlocks or equivalent

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