Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Technician's Tool Kit

Technician's Tool Kit by Greenlee PA4943

Technician's Tool Kit by Greenlee from is form-fitting to your tools and keeps them in place by tension - even if you hold it upside down! This kit is ideal for cable installers. This is a great tool kit for installers because it has everything you could need in one small tool pouch. The high quality datacomm scissors have a handle molded to fit in the middle of a palm for optimum cutting power. The punch down tool includes a punch down blade with a blade and a 66 blade on each end, great for punching down keystone jacks, patch panels, and 66 blocks. Because the clip swivels it makes it easy to wear while sitting, standing, or walking.


Molded specifically to hold the tools included in this kit

Included tools:

  • GripPack tool holder
  • Data SureStrip UTP/STP and flat satin cutter/stripper
  • Datacomm scissors
  • Reversible 110/66 blade
  • SurePunch punchdown tool handle
  • MagLite with 2 AA batteries
  • Black Sharpie pen

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