Thursday, January 19, 2017

Voice and Data Installation Kit

Voice and Data Installation Kit by Hobbes

The Network Installation Kit from cable supply provides the necessary tools for termination and testing of all the different types of network cables. This kit includes:

Crimper for 8p8c/RJ–45, 6p6c/RJ–12, 6p4c/RJ–11 Crimper interchangeable die for RG-58,59,62.5,174 Die sets: 3C RG–58, 59, 62.6 3G RG–58, 59, 62, 174 Fiber Optic 3J RG–174, 179 Belden 8218 Fiber Optic 3K RG–8, 11, 174, 179, 213 6.5" cable cutter Cable stripper with cutter Coaxial cable stripper Punch down tool with 66/88/110 blades Coaxial stripper 2 Screwdrivers Enhance network cable tester 251452

Size: 14.8" (L) x 10" (W) x 1.9" (H)

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