Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pull Elbow

Pull Elbow

The Pull Elbow is a time-saving cabling tool for anyone who installs cable for voice, data, fiber optic networks, video, alarms, paging systems, access control, CATV, music, property or energy management systems. It allows you to pull cable around corners without catching, snagging, or kinking, and it has no moving parts to cut or pinch the cables. You can mount it with zip ties in seconds to help cable glide smoothly around corners or change direction along ceilings. Similar to pulleys, it allows you to keep the cables at ceiling level during the pull.

After the cables are secured in place, you can remove them from the Pull Elbow tool through a convenient slot running along the back, and the Pull Elbow can be taken down just as quickly as setup. Use cable ties at the ends of the guide tube to keep the cables inside during the pull. Simply cut them to remove the cables when finished.

The smooth inner surface that allows the cables to glide around corners, also preserves the integrity of the cable by ensuring that bends aren't sharper than the cables' "minimum bend radius" rating. By keeping the cables at ceiling level during the installation process, your customers are spared the hazard and inconvenience of having long lengths of cable laid out on the floor. The cable is thus protected from damage by keeping it up high and out of the way while being installed.

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